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iXTalent is an IT recruiting agency delivering hassle-free recruitment services. We match the best global talents with remote jobs in US companies, primarily in Virginia and with legacy tech systems.
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Enjoy hassle-free IT recruiting of remote jobs

Hire seamlessly through our remote talents vetted by the 4-stage process

Get ongoing support from our easily accessible and problem solving experts

Make remote development easy, secure, and result oriented


Why businesses choose iXTalent

Easily Accessible

Easy to reach, quick response, open communication


A high-skilled team of consultants with 20+ years of experience in the IT business

Time Saved

40 + hours of engineering team time saved, per hire

Problem Solver

Bespoken service before, during, and after your hiring process

Seamless Hiring Processes

Outsource IT recruitment work, avoid hiring risks, minimize bureaucracy, enjoy hassle-free services

Exclusive Talents

1000+ qualified and accessed talents around the globe

Hire an IT talent for any skill

Would you like to hire top-class talents, hassle-free? If you target to move your company ahead with a diverse team of global talents, iXTalent will help you accelerate your digital transformation.
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For Talent

Stay local & earn global

Meet clients you’re excited to work with and upgrade your career to new levels.

Why choose iXTalent?

Founded in the USA and with extensive experience in the US job market, iXTalent delivers to you many IT job opportunities.

We, as iXTalent, care that talents earn fair wages for IT jobs in the USA.

After joining our talent pool, we continue to support you throughout your career growth. We introduce you to new opportunities that best fit your experiences and help you acquire new skills.

Thanks to iXTalent’s vast customer network in various sectors, your opportunities to acquire new experiences and talents are expanding.

You enjoy the comfort of working remotely from anywhere in the world and master your own time.

By joining iXTalent’s broad talent community, you expand your business network and make it easier to acquire new colleagues with different experiences.

Working LIFE at iXTalent

Your life, your future!

iXTalent has a company culture, respecting human dignity and differences. We offer a dynamic and intriguing working environment, that supports leadership initiatives.

The work-life at iXTalent is:

  • Service driven
  • Flexible
  • Respectful
  • Diverse
  • Positively Challenging
  • Fun
  • Inclusive
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