happy staff

Are you ready to build a dream career in a global IT recruitment company? At iXTalent, we have a working culture that respects human dignity and differences. We build a happy working life that pushes the limits, where our employees can develop while having fun. We support and invest in our employees to unlock their potential for a better future. 


We establish clear, predictable and honest communication with our employees. We highly encourage them to freely express themselves with all their differences.

Work-life at iXTalent

IXTalent has a lean, flexible, and enjoyable working life: Less hierarchy, less bureaucracy, and more personal leadership. Every employee puts forward their leadership skills and pushes the limits to better themselves, their talents, and their customers’ futures.

Our agile team, composed of employees from different experiences and backgrounds, are passionate learners and act in a service-oriented manner. At IXTalent, there is a culture of sharing risks and rewards and celebrating success.

Whom do We Work with?

When choosing a teammate for iXTalent, our candidate undergoes a highly rigorous and comprehensive recruitment process. After a face-to-face interview and personality inventory test, we decide whether our candidate can join the privileged working life of iXTalent. In addition to the particular circumstances required by the position, the essential basic competencies we look for in all candidates are as follows:


We act under respect for human dignity, fairness, impartiality, confidentiality, and information in the recruitment process.

How do I join iXTalent Team?



If you would like to work at iXTalent, you can make a general application by sending your resume to info@ixtalent.com, which includes the reasons for your interest in our company, your expectations for the position, your unique skills, areas of interest, and the topics you would like to add about yourself. In case a new teammate is needed, we will consider your application.