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Team Extension Services

The team extension is an outsourcing model that entails augmenting your in-house development team with advanced technical skills for the short or long term, depending on your business requirements. The goal of the team extension model is to fill skill gaps in your existing team or to supplement it with some unique technical qualifications that are lacking.


At our team extension service model, you can remotely hire our community of accessed and exclusive 1000+ software developers around the globe, part-time or full-time, on a continuous or project basis according to your business needs. Thus, you can diversify your in-house teams with our pre-vetted IT talent. 


In this contract-based hiring model, you seamlessly save time on recruitment, onboarding, and payroll operations to be carried out by us from start to finish and reduce related personnel staffing expenses and risks. Our team extension service is not about matching resumes to job descriptions. It's an understanding of your business goals, culture, and IT systems and digging into what makes an ideal fit for your organization.


As a people-oriented company, we deliver tailored services with intensive human contact to match talent to the right jobs and build outstanding teams. Instead of choosing from a limited number of specialists in your region, you can collaborate with us to gain access to a global talent pool and hire the best experts to bolster your team.


Our offshore team extension service is about more than just providing quality services; it's about sustaining long-term and reliable relationships with you and becoming a part of your team to help you solve business problems.

You can benefit from our recruitment services by hiring talent to extend and strengthen your IT teams. Explore for more detailed information!

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Turnkey Project Development Services

In this service model, we take full charge of delivery and provide all of the following services:

  • Technical analysis and advisory
  • Product design
  • Software development
  • Quality assurance
  • DevOps engineering
  • Maintenance

It's a fully-managed model of collaboration in which the client can outsource the whole production process without having anyone technical on its team.

We provide custom-made solutions in collaboration with our expert engineers and team managers by thoroughly examining our client's needs and employing the most accurate project practices following the project's definition, scope, goals, and dynamics. We persistently improve our team, specific to every project, for perfect harmony and high satisfaction in business processes. In line with our goal of foreseeable results and absolute success, we constantly communicate with our customers from the very first step.

We also identify all necessary work items and out-of-scope items specific to the project so that we can draw the project's boundaries from the start. In this way, we prepare our project proposals to include all of the following items:

» Scope Content, Restrictions and Assumptions
» Out-of-Scope Content
» Architectural Structure
» Our Solution Methods and Alternatives
» CI/CD Approach
» Project Plan
» Project Stages
» Project Processes and Acceptance Stages
» Maintenance Warranty Processes and Periods
» Project Team Setups and Experiences
» Proposal Figures and Details

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Managed IT Services

We deliver remotely managed IT services for clients that want to scale their business processes and increase business efficiency but need more resources or who want to fix the system with the right strategy instead of postponing the problem with temporary solutions.
Our Managed IT Services offer the right combination of people, processes, and new technologies to reduce costs and improve efficiencies throughout your organization. You can free up time for your staff to refocus on your customers and core business by moving your routine IT activities to our hosted and managed cloud environments.
We will collaborate with your company to determine what you require. We will examine internal processes for bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, and inefficiencies to accomplish this. Following that, we'll provide ongoing IT support to eliminate trouble issues and keep your systems running smoothly.
Here are the types of managed IT services we provide:


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IT Consultancy Services

As ixtalent, we bring you together with technology experts who give you consultancy on the following IT scopes:


Project Management:  Our project management consultants successfully implement project management plans and complete projects on time and within the budget and resources allocated. They implement the project management strategy, supervise the project management team, and collaborate with key stakeholders. They also analyze business-critical data to identify risks, inefficiencies, and project trends, implement contingency plans, create roadmaps, and make periodic recommendations.


Business Analysis of A Software Project: Our business analysts comprehend problems and needs through workshops to identify and document project requirements and goals with all parties. They also offer feature prioritization to roll out the system as fast as possible. During project implementation, they serve as a bridge between stakeholders and design and engineering teams. They translate project changes, requirements, and technical details to the parties throughout the agile development process.


Software Architecture Assessment: Our consultants identify flaws in a software architecture affecting performance and security, limiting software scalability. They redesign the architecture to increase resilience, make quick changes, and lower maintenance costs. They use advanced tools and methodologies to prevent the product from risks and errors early in its lifecycle.


Software Stack Assessment: Our consultants monitor the performance of your software to determine whether it meets your business needs and plan improvements to the detected flaws and inefficiencies. They recommend actions such as software modernization, refactoring, and migration.


Software Modernization: Our consultants collaborate with your team to develop a roadmap for modernizing your legacy software. They plan a gradual transition of your software to modern programming technologies while keeping critical business operations running.


Software Selection: Our consultants evaluate software vendors and pricing plans to ensure that they meet your specific needs. They provide a summary of software comparisons that point to the best-suited


Agile Transformation:
For corporations to increase their speed and productivity capabilities, we identify the most appropriate methodologies within the necessary measurement and planning studies and create Agile transformation programs. We lead corporations to develop and transform their skills and cultures by organizing in-house training in this field. Thus, we ensure that the various other departments, not just the IT units, such as HR, purchasing, and finance, that are outside the IT department can work together and in harmony.

DevOps and Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC): We perform analyzes and create a DevOps Evaluation roadmap by determining trackable metrics in line with the needs of the corporations. We customize it according to the needs of the corporations by using open-source and licensed tools. We provide the automation of in-house processes with the CI/CD pipeline and test framework setups and ensure that many necessary steps, such as code software, testing, quality control, and security, can be carried out quickly and with high quality. We implement the micro-service transformations of the corporations’ software projects by integrating their products within the continuous distribution phase with the successive development / improvement / monitoring phases. We provide installation and management for both virtualized and container platforms.

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New Service Model

Do you need a support for your legacy systems?

Digital transformation has made it imperative for application leaders to find effective ways to maintain legacy systems. The biggest challenge? The talent shortages mastering legacy applications.

If you have legacy software applications and severe trouble finding tech professionals who maintain and enhance them, we have outstanding teams with a solid background in this field.

Our dedicated teams:

Leave the maintenance and enhancement of your legacy software apps to us. Outsource the enormous burdens of searching, selecting, onboarding, payrolling, training, backing up, and retaining tech professionals. Enjoy our seamless services by focusing on your core business and clients.

A new study from IT services provider Advanced shows 89 percent of large enterprises worldwide are worried they won’t have access to the right IT talent to maintain and manage their legacy systems.

Our Technical Capabilites

Our Solution Partners



Today, as one of Turkey’s largest corporate technology consulting companies, OBSS was established in 2005 as a software and consulting company with the entrepreneurial spirit generated by knowledge and courage.

OBSS includes all interactive areas of corporate technology in its service range, from software architecture to coding, from application development to analysis and software testing. Employing more than 800 employees and having more than 30 software architectures, OBSS has successfully implemented more than 700 projects so far.

KAFEiN Technology Solutions

Kafein Technology began its journey in 2005. It has developed e-commerce, technology projects, and mobile payment systems for the most prominent institutions in Turkey and various businesses from other countries. Kafein Technology responds to its national and global partners’ demands in the technology, banking, telecommunication, service, retail, and insurance industries.

In addition to the key solutions, Kafein Technology also develops technologies in big data analysis, PDPL, security, and mobile applications. At the same time, it continues to work on carrying our innovative solutions to the next level by carrying out ongoing R&D projects with our global partners and important institutions such as TUBITAK.

Kafein Technology, a publicly traded company, has developed more than 200 innovative projects for more than 200 customers with more than 700 employees.



BASISTEK started its activities in 2009 to provide consultancy services in the information sector. With its expert staff, it provides products, solutions, and services to a wide range of customers by collaborating with the leading technology companies in the sector.

BASISTEK provides solutions for digitizing and managing IT infrastructures, removing IT from being a cost center where routine tasks are carried out, and positioning it as a value-producing unit for the enterprise.

BASISTEK has also adopted the principle of providing a competitive advantage to its customers as a reliable technology and business partner in a wide range from sectoral solutions to business solutions, from system integration studies to outsourcing, from service and maintenance services to consultancy. 

Manifesto For Agile Software Development

As iXTalent, we deliver agile software service by adhering to the four core values of Agile software development as stated by the Agile Manifesto