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We are so selective when adding a new IT talent to our talent pool to fulfill and sustain glorified services to our customers. If you are confident in your skills and experience, you have significant reasons to take your place in our elite talent community. Here are some featured benefits for you:
  • Attain attractive earnings
  • Benefit from our job diversity opportunities to suit your talent and expectations
  • Seize opportunities to do business with companies in the USA
  • Expand your global business capabilities and experience
  • Invest in your future and boost the strength of your CV
  • Enhance your business network and skills by connecting different talent in our community
  • Gain a culture of doing business globally
  • Update with current developments in your IT business
  • Enjoy the comfort of remote working and master your own time
  • Create an alternative to start a new life in the USA
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Why talent choose iXTalent

Global Opportunities

Founded in the USA and with extensive experience in the US job market, iXTalent delivers to you many IT job opportunities.

Attractive Earnings

We, as iXTalent, care that talent earns fair wages for IT jobs in the USA.

Comfort of Remote Work

You enjoy the comfort of working remotely from anywhere in the world and master your own time.

Skill-Building Experiences

Thanks to iXTalent's vast customer network in various sectors, your opportunities to acquire new experiences and tech professionals are expanding.

Smart Career Growth

After joining our talent pool, we continue to support you throughout your career growth. We introduce you to new opportunities that best fit your experiences and help you acquire new skills.

Diversified Job Network

By joining iXTalent's broad talent community, you expand your business network and make it easier to acquire new colleagues with different experiences.

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Would you like to work in USA at unbeatable earnings? If you are an IT professional and believe you can compete with your peer group, iXTalent helps you build smart career with remote jobs.
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