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As IT recruitment company, we set out to bring together the most distinguished IT talents from all over the world with U.S companies. A reliable long-term partnership best describes our relationship with talents and clients.


I have been in the IT industry for 20+ years and have managed teams, big software projects, and hiring operations. Hence, I know exactly what to expect from a recruitment company as an IT manager. Now I am on the other side of the desk and ready to help you.


Being easily accessible and bureaucracy-free and having lean hiring processes make us different from our peer group. I am aware that the businesses are connected, and integrity means a lot. There are difficult times when things don’t go as planned. At this time, you need a “problem solver.” We have client-dedicated key account managers and advisors with strong IT backgrounds. We as iXTalent, can assure you that our outstanding team will always be on the other side of the line, trying to do our best to solve your problem and a stress-free, smooth transition.


At iXTalent, we encourage innovation respect through diversity, success, celebrating achievements, developing expertise, and service-oriented thinking.


We always see our employees, advisors, clients, solution partners, and stakeholders as valuable members of the iXTalent community. We are determined to win together and walk towards the future together.


Best Regards,

Haluk Ongoren Ph.D.











We can take you
to the next level

iXTalent is especially not a classic recruiting platform that matches talents to companies for hundreds of job profiles. Who are we then?

We are an easily accessible and bespoken recruitment company:
  • Matching pre-selected IT Talents to pre-vetted job positions thanks to our consultancy bilaterally,
  • Focusing on global IT talents and IT jobs in the US solely,
  • Delivering peer-to-peer services including talent identification, attraction, selection, hiring, management, and measurement.
  • Establishing a long-term relationship with talents and companies mutually,
  • Dedicating to delivering boutique services seamlessly,
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Our Mission

We help clients and IT talents build for their future.

Our Vision

We aim to deliver distinguished and hassle-free recruitment services to our clients while having high-skilled IT talents meet global opportunities.


Our Values

Easily Accessible
Problem Solver
Lean Services

Consists of Subject Matter

Has minimum 15+ years of experience

Sedat Oran

Senior Data Engineer/Architecht

Bayram Kont

Management Consultant