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Application Process

1- Send Your Resume

  • Organized : A well prepared and organized resume is very essential for explaining your talents. It is also important to strategically place information in a way that will grab our attention.
  • Experience : Put relevant experience on your resume. Include internships, personal and freelance experience ,and the organizations you were part off. Detail the projects you participated in and explain your role or position showing how you added value to the projects.
  • Education : Your relevant education helps us to understand your background.
  • Value : A clear idea of the skills that you want to highlight to prospective employers. We should be able to get a good understanding of what you will personally bring to the organization after reviewing your resume. Think about the skills you believe that you are good at and highlight them throughout your resume.
  • Remember, never put your profile pictures on your resume.

2 – Matching Opportunities

    • We review received resumes identifying the strengths of each profile. We then score the profiles using a scorecard and find the exact matching opportunity for the candidate. We neither have a crystal ball nor a complex AI system but our expert opinion originates from our years of experience in the IT industry.

3 – Interviews

  • Interviews are a 3 step process. First, one of the iXTalent team members perform an interview to assess your English level, your interpersonal skills and your general expectations. Second interview aims to understand your technical knowledge. If you successfully pass the first 2 interviews then comes the third interview is organized with the client.

4 – Placement

  • At this step we ask the talent to sign some legal documents. “The Employment Agreement” consists of job definition as well as responsibilities of the candidate during the hiring process.
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