Human Contacted

We deliver tailored and extensive hiring services with intensive human contact as a people-oriented company. We value open communication.
Our Contact Style

Seamless Lean

We are an easily accessible company with less bureaucracy. Leave it to us to hire the right IT talent and services and enjoy focusing on your core business!
Our Operation Style

Long-term Relationship

We regard our clients as our business partners and we maintain a long-lasting relationship with them to achieve mutually beneficial results.
Our Management Style
Hire talent AND SERVICE PROVIDERS world-wide

Advantages of hiring from
our talent & solution partners

It’s about understanding your business goals and culture and digging into what makes an ideal fit for your organization.
  • Focus on your own business. We'll swiftly find the globally exclusive talents and service providers you need for your IT business.
  • Hire top-class IT talent selected throughout a 4-step recruitment process
  • Work with communicative and exclusive IT professionals who best match your needs, expectations, and corporate culture.
  • Avoid the legal risks and operational costs of employment agreements.
  • Complement your IT staffing needs with less bureaucracy and hassle-free services
  • Eliminate the frustrating process of hiring IT staff
  • Ensure sustainability in your IT business by reducing the costs and risks arising from turnover
  • Experience the uniqueness of our post-hiring services.
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Accelerate your business with top-class IT talent and service providers

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We find the right talent
for your IT business

If you target to move your business ahead with a diversified team with global tech talent, iXTalent helps you accelerate your digital transformation.
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We deliver cost-effective software solutions
for your business.

We have some tremendous ready-to-use software in our portfolio. Developed and maintained by our partners, these solutions have a very high performance-price ratio. Their typical features are easy to install, user-friendly, reliable, robust, scalable, flexible, and quickly adaptable to your business needs. With pre-and solid post-sales support, these solutions offer a high added value to your customers, business and employees.